This is a great fishing site.

The best source for central Illinois Fishing Reports.

Lots of articles, news and general information.

Add this one to your Favorites.


This is the best fishing magazine, by probably the world's best group of fishermen. Anybody who wants to catch more, and bigger fish NEEDS this magazine. They also have the best instructional fishing videos that I've ever seen.  I have at least 7 of their videos, read their magazine, and watch their TV show.

These are my two favorite on-line stores for fishing gear. If you can't find it here, you don't need it. I've always had good service, quick delivery, and no-hassle returns from both of these places. The gear is always top quality.

  Get your gear at here!          


[Agency Logo]Illinois Department of Natural Resources   

For fishing, hunting and recreation, this is the definitive State Web Site.  



Illinois Department of Fisheries   

This site has species specific fishery status reports on just about every body of water that is managed by the Illinois Dept of Fisheries, including some predictions for upcoming fishing seasons.


Illinois State Parks Home Page.   This site has everything you might want to know about all the Illinois State Parks.


I'm making a web site for Lisa's Dad.

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