Rods and Reels

I can make this really simple.


Bass Gear  Top Picks

rods, Shimano IM8 or higher, 7 ft med/heavy

reels, Shimano Curado baitcaster   

line: regular visibility lakes- Suffix Braid 30 pound test (Shabbona, Sangchris, Spring Lake)

line: high visibility lakes- any high quality mono, 17 pound test (Delavan, Lake Geneva)


           Rods and Reels in general....

You get what you pay for.

But if you are on a limited budget, I'd spend more on the ROD than on the reel. WHY??  You'll catch more fish with a better rod. Better rods are more sensitive, so you feel more bites and get better hooksets.

A new $50 reel feels about the same as a $250 reel. The $250 reel just lasts much longer due to its higher quality components.

Bass Gear  Honorable Mention

Johnny Morris signature series baitcaster (BassPro)


Muskies Gear Top Picks

rods, Bass Pro's Pete Maina IM6  7.5 foot heavy action, and 8 foot extra heavy action 

reels, Ambassador C4 6500, or C3 6500

line, Suffix Braid 80 pound test, or PowerPro 60 pound test